Great tips for the first-time buyers of Persian Rugs
Renowned for their durability, attractive designs, asset value, and thermal qualities, Persian Rugs are high in demand across the world and are one of the most sought oriental rugs....
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How to decorate with Persian rugs?
When we talk about Persian Rugs, it is an art that you spread on your floor! Renowned for its intricate designs, bold colors, and amazing patterns, Persian rugs become a focal point...
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Why are Persian Rugs Expensive? Is it a Good Investment?
Persian Rugs have been a part of the interior décor for a long time now. Deemed as one of the most beautiful and valuable carpets amongst all the oriental rugs, Persian Rugs have been...
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What is the difference between Persian and Oriental rugs?
To put it in a statement, every Persian rug or carpet is an oriental rug but not every oriental rug is Persian. Because, when we talk about oriental rugs, the rugs might be made in...
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How to clean your Persian carpets?
Hooray! You just bought a hand-knotted traditional and authentic Persian rug online at a great price and now it adorns your living space or commercial office. But, when we talk about...
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What is so special about Persian rugs?
Originated in the ancient empire of Persia which is now known as Iran, Persian Rugs are historical and traditional antiquities that are highly sought around the world. Now modernized...
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