modern style living room with vintage Persian carpet

How to decorate with Persian rugs?

When we talk about Persian Rugs, it is an art that you spread on your floor! Renowned for its intricate designs, bold colors, and amazing patterns, Persian rugs become a focal point and adorn any area of your residential or commercial space. But, in this modern world of minimalistic interior designs and furniture styles, decorating a room with such a bold and attractive Persian rug can be a challenging task.

To ensure that your Persian rug amplifies the beauty of the space and doesn’t look like a piece that doesn’t fit in a place where it is put, below are some of the tips that one can follow while decorating a space with a Persian rug. While decorating is essentially a job done while the space is being built, it is very much probable that you already have a space designed where you wish to put your Persian Rug.

Thus, to help you make an informed decision, we have divided the blog into 2 parts where the first tell you how to decorate a room with a Persian rug and elements that you can change if you are buying it for an already built and designed space.

Decorating a new space with Persian Rugs:

Retro looking room decorated with beautiful vintage Persian carpet

Vintage design approach:

Since Persian rugs are literally a part of history that you put on your floor, you can choose to create a retro look for the space where you are putting the Persian rug. Whether it is a living room or a dining space where you are putting your Persian rug, you can choose medieval furniture designs and a warm light setup to compliment the rug and make it a part of the setup.

Tranquil design approach:

If you want your Persian rug to be the focal point for your guests, you can choose to create a calm and peaceful design for the space. Go with minimal designs with ample space in the center for the Persian rug and choose simple solid color furniture along with rich wall color for a perfect tranquil setup with a Persian rug.

Design changes for a space where you put Persian Rugs:

Modern living room decorated with modern Persian rug

Match your rug color with your room accessories:

No matter what your design approach is if you want your Persian rug to blend with the aesthetics of the room where it is placed, pick a dominant color from your rug and install small accessories with the same color.

Change the big furniture clothing with neutral colors:

If you are planning to buy an area rug that covers the entire floor of the room where it is kept, to ensure that it doesn’t pain the viewers and still becomes the most attractive décor item of the room, you can change the clothing of your largest furniture pieces with neutral and eye-soothing colors.

Although these tips can help you décor the room perfectly with Persian rugs, you can also go the other way around and choose a Persian rug of transitional or modern design approach for your room. But, if you want your Persian rug to be a vintage piece of art that can yield profit in the future, you must choose a Persian rug that is bold and colorful.